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ive had my stick for about two months and its awesome. the only problem is that the paint is comming off bot other than that its goo

Exceeded expectations

Bought a 3 pack for my ten year old. Black with Philadelphia orange. These are some of the sweetest twigs I’ve ever seen. Putting his name on the shaft is a really nice touch.

Hi I don’t know if I’m. Buying the wrong kind of stick from u for my child he plays 18u but he used it 4 times with his goalie coach and a puck cracked /took a chunk out of the paddle he loves the stick so I will most likely buy another one but they break so easily.

Left, Exo, 28.5", Heel (A), Detroit White

Left, Exo, 28.5", Heel (A), Detroit White

21” Goalie stick

My son Max loves his new infinity stick. He’s says it much lighter then the Bauer protigy stick he had before.

Bought 2 Infinity puck app foam core p31

Light, shoots well, been two games in and had two hard slap shots shots wired off the paddle and the stick it stood it's ground.

Exosphere White Designs (3-pack)
Awsome sticks and an awsome value

These sticks have surpassed my expectations, they are light, well balanced and seem to be durable to far. Would recommend to those who are looking for nice customs for a great price.

Your Graphics: Exosphere
Custom sticks

Everything looks great! Sticks are awesome, amazing graphics! Great price! Will recommend to all! How about a shirt?

Great sticks

Great to deal with good quality sticks

Pretty good

I enjoyed the stick, it lasted about 4 practices before breaking, I’m not sure I was using the correct one for a practice stick but while it was around I loved it

Twiggy Order 2018

I have been using Infinity sticks for a little over two years now and they have never given me any problems, high quality sticks for a fair price. Cheers

Left, Strato, 27.5", Heel (C), Winnipeg White

Left, Strato, 27.5", Heel (C), Winnipeg White

Goalie Cut Jersey

My jersey arrived and the quality was amazing. The size of the jersey is great too! The sleeves are plenty big for my bulky chest protector and the body of the jersey doesn't feel tight or restrictive like some of my jerseys in the past.

Stratosphere Alternative Designs (3-pack)
Stratosphere sticks

The new batch I got has been nothing but great. The have held up to a long week of tryouts of non stop shots so far. I love them!

Great stick

Son loves the stick. Nice feel, great weight.

Custom 6 pack Exo sticks

Ordered a custom 6 pack of sticks. 3 weeks and one day later from order date they were at our door! Great quality product and a pleasure to deal with Infinity ALL the time with previous orders as well. If there was a 10 star rating I’d be giving them that. Highly recommend!!!!!

Left, Strato, 29", Heel (C), Philadelphia Natural
Infinity foam core goalie stick

Very happy! Easy to use the online ordering system. Delivery was great. Stick looks and feels great. Used it a handful of times so far and it's been fantastic...

Left, Strato, 27.5", Mid, LA White

Left, Strato, 27.5", Mid, LA White

Work horse.

Love this stick.

It performs very well. Love the look. And it takes a beating!

Left, Strato, 28.5", Heel (C), Chicago White
Great service and a great stick

I love the stick I got and if I need more I'll definitely get them from you. Also love the emails they are really cute.

Left, Exo, 26.5", Toe, Black Hole
Great stick, better customer service

Really like this stick, I bought it as an emergency buy because my Reebok composite one got stepped on by a skate and cracked. the 26.5" matches the 24" Reebok perfectly. It's a bit heavier which I'm not crazy about, but that's foam core vs composite. I like the toe curve, it makes making the outlet pass much easier as I'm usually playing with a line of 5 forwards. There was an issue of the top of the paddle had some wood chipping away that the index finger of my blocker was getting caught on, I've taped it down with clear tape, but every time I returned my hand there after a poke check or from (constantly) cleaning my crease. I sent pictures to Infinity after using the stick for all of 2 minutes and going back to the Reebok stick and they immediately sent me another as a replacement. For the performance, I'm content with it, like I said, I like the toe curve to flick the puck away and stick handle. I like the size, I'm very comfortable with the 26.5" infinity length. I also use Sniper Skins on the top of the paddle and shaft. Only thing I don't like coming from a composite stick is the lack of grip coating at the top of the paddle. But this was solved by the Sniper Skins. 4 games into it now, and I can't see me using another stick anytime soon, especially since I have two of them due to amazing customer service.

Great stick

First non wood stick so can't compare to other brands, but love the stick so far and the customer experience was great.

Left, Exo, 29", Heel (A), Blank White
So far So Good

My son loves the all white design and a few teammates have asked ‘where did you get that stick?’’ ...... easy fast shipping! ....... only small is is paint seems chip easily.... may order Custom 3 pack with school colors.

Stratosphere Natural Designs (6-pack)
Solid sticks

Second order from Infinity. I’ve used both models and they’re both excellent. The Exosphere have more snap to them when playing the puck, and to me is worth the price difference.

Left, Exo, 25", Mid, LA White
Very Nice

Our son loves his Infinity goalie stick. Will be ordering the custom 3-pack very soon. Thanks for the help & a great product.