Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For custom graphics-related questions we have a dedicated FAQ's page.
Why do I need to order 3 or 6 sticks at a time?

In order to efficiently produce our sticks (i.e. keep our prices competitive), we need to manufacture a minimum of 6 sticks at a time. All 6 sticks must have the exact same specifications (colours, paddle length, etc.). When you order a 3-pack we actually make 6, then put the remaining 3 sticks for sale individually on our website.

Our 3-pack offering is well below the industry minimum standard of 6 sticks for custom packs.

Can I buy a single stick?

Sure! Click here. Although we don't allow customization on quantities below 3 sticks they ship immediately, so you'll have them in 1-6 business days (depending on where you live).

Please note our inventory is constantly changing. If you don't see something that suits you be sure to check back in 8 weeks! Either that or consider ordering a custom pack.

How do you measure paddle length?

See this diagram. We use what is becoming the universal paddle length measurement system. Every brand measures paddle length differently, so please double-check (or ask us) prior to ordering.

Am I regular (left) or full right (right)?

Regular (left) means your blocker is on your right hand and your trapper/catch glove is on your left hand (i.e. you hold the stick with your right hand and the blade rests on the ice to the left of your body). Most goalies shoot this way.

Full right (right) is the opposite. Your blocker is on your left hand and your trapper/catch glove is on your right (i.e. you hold the stick with your left hand and the blade rests on the ice to the right of your body). Only a small percentage of goalies shoot this way.

Click here for a visual.

Which curves can I get?

Currently we offer 4 stick patterns. As we grow we may consider adding more options in the future (feel free to email with any recommendations!).

Can I paint the blade of Exosphere white? Can I have a natural shaft and painted paddle?

Yes! Just make a note in your order.

Which colours can I get?

Click here for a full list of paint colours available. We can put these colours on your stick in any combination you’d like. Contact us for a preview. We are also able to use a different colour scheme on the shaft than we use on the paddle if you wish.

If looking for colours that are unavailable from our paint list consider our Infinity Igraphics 6-packs.

What's the difference between Stratosphere and Exosphere?

We've dedicated an entire page to answering this question here.

Are there any reviews on your products?

Lots! We've aggregated them on our website the best we can. You can find verified customer reviews here and a collection of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media reviews here.

What other options are there? Toe shape? Shoulder shape? Shaft length? Lie?

In packs of 6 we are able to offer custom graphics.

Aside from that, we limit the amount of customization on our sticks for 3 reasons, all revolving around maintaining a simpler manufacturing process. First, it helps us keep our prices super competitive. Second, it makes it easier for us to maintain our desired quality levels. Third, it helps keep our turnaround times as competitive as anyone on the market.

Unfortunately, we are unable to incorporate certain customization options in order to make this happen including: lie, shoulder shape, toe shape, shaft length, etc.

The options that CAN be customized include: paddle length, hand, curve, colours (with our graphics).

How much do your sticks weigh?

Weight for foam core sticks is less consistent than weight for composite sticks. In addition, paddle length also changes stick weight. Most Stratosphere sticks weigh 820-870 grams, while most Exosphere sticks weigh 830-880 grams. Some of our largest paddle lengths may reach over 950 grams while some of our smallest paddle lengths may fall below 800 grams. For context: 50 grams is roughly equivalent in weight to 20 pennies.

Can you make the Curtis curve?

Sadly, no :( We're not aware of anyone in the industry still making it.

How long will it take for my sticks to arrive?

Once your order has been placed it takes about 6-8 weeks to build your sticks (depending on the time of year and how busy our factory is). At that time we ship your sticks out, which will take 1-10 business days depending on your location (we’re in Kitchener, Ontario). If your sticks are finished being made we will have sent you a tracking number with UPS of Canada Post (check your junk mail just in case). If you have yet to receive this e-mail assume that your order is not yet finished being built.

In a hurry? Check out what's in-stock, all of which ships immediately.

How much does shipping cost (to Canada and the USA)?

Shipping in Canada and the USA is free on orders over $200 CAD (i.e. if you order more than 1 stick). If you order only 1 stick there is a shipping charge of $15 CAD flat-rate anywhere in North America (ya, it sucks, but unfortunately it costs almost as much to ship 1 stick as it does 6 due to their size!).

Please note some remote areas, including (but not limited to) Hawaii, Alaska, and much of Northern Canada may require additional shipping charges (if we don't follow-up after your order assume you're good!). We reserve the right to follow-up on this after your order (if you're not happy with the additional costs we'll fund you entirely).

Are there duties and taxes for USA orders?

No. If you receive any sort of bill for duties and taxes please let us know and we'll follow up with customs ourselves.

Do you ship outside USA and Canada?

Not at this time as it's not economical enough. Possibly in the future as our company grows.

Which shipping service do you use?

We use standard shipping with either UPS or Canada Post (whichever is less expensive for your location).

Do you provide a warranty or accept returns? Can I cancel my order once it is placed?

Unfortunately, like every other foam core stick on the market, we do not provide a warranty. We do, however, want to stand by our products, so let us know if you have a major issue within our first few ice times.

Due to the custom nature of the sticks, we are unable to accept returns as we will be unable to re-sell them. If you do, however, have an unexpected issue with your order please contact us and we’ll do what we can (within reason) to remedy it.

Once your order is placed and paid for you have 24 hours to cancel it. After that time we've already begun to produce your sticks. Given that we're building them custom to your specifications and may be unable to re-sell them we regrettably cannot cancel orders.

Which sticks are your sticks most comparable to?

Stratosphere is modeled after what we consider “mid-range” foam core sticks whose stock models typically retail for $100-120. The features parallel those of the best-selling foam core sticks of the past decade.

Exosphere is modeled after the newest age of foam core sticks to hit the market. It’s comparable to many other sticks whose stock models retail around $150. The most notable parallel features are the carbon-wrapped blade (for increased puck absorption) and the removal of carbon reinforcements from the back of the paddle (increasing shooting “snap” without compromising durability).

Will you give me a discount? Can you sponsor me?

Unlike some brands, we offer our best price upfront rather than artificially inflating prices in order to selectively provide discount codes.

Please understand that we are flooded with sponsorship requests on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide sponsorships. 

Which currency do you price in?

By default we price in Canadian dollars. You can toggle to US dollar pricing to determine your true costs, but please note your credit card will be charged in Canadian dollars and converted according to the rate set by your bank (often slightly higher than what you'll see displayed on our page).

Why are your USD prices weird/inconsistent?

Since our store charges Canadian dollars by default our USD prices are determined by the prevailing exchange rate, which fluctuates regularly.

Do I have to pay by credit card?

We can accept Interac e-Transfers or wire transfers. Simply select the option at checkout and we’ll be in touch with instructions.

Where are your sticks made?

Our sticks are made with an extremely reputable Canadian manufacturer.

Do you have any affiliation with any other brands? is an independent brand with no affiliation to any other equipment brand. It was created by the owners of who also created, and

Where can I see your sticks in person?

We have single sticks for sale in our Kitchener, Ontario retail store.

Which stores carry your sticks?

We only sell our sticks directly to our customers (i.e. through this website and our retail store). This not only allows us to offer better pricing than equivalent products (i.e. no middleman), but also to have tighter control over our customer service AND allows us to consolidate our inventory in one location to provide the widest in-stock selection possible. We pride ourselves on connecting directly with our customers on every sale.

How can I ask other questions?

E-mail or call 1-888-352-7999.