Custom Graphics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I order Infinity I2 graphics?

There are lots of reasons:

1. You want to rock your team logo on the paddle

2. You have team colours that aren't available in our regular paint options (Infinity IGraphics have no colour limit)

3. You're not a fan of our regular paddle graphics

4. You simply want to turn the style dial to 11!

What's the difference between the graphics library and custom graphics?

A big portion of the additional costs in completely custom graphics is the time required to have our professional graphic designer setup your graphics just right.

To help save customers this extra expense we have an ever-growing graphics library that allows us to waive this fee if a customer selects preset graphics and simply customizes the colours and any relevant text.

Repeat orders of custom graphics will be priced the same as graphics from our library since we've already done the work to set your graphics up!

What makes these sticks different/more expensive than your regular sticks?

The construction of the sticks is the exact same. There are two extra costs involved in our Infinity I2 graphics, however. 

First, we use digitally printed 3M vinyl as opposed to our ordinary screen-printed graphics. This allows us to print more detailed graphics with virtually no limit on colours.

Second, we require the services of our professional graphic designer to prepare custom graphics for printing.

What can I print on the paddle?

Almost anything you want! Some extremely detailed designs may not show up as well, but we'll advise you on alterations to fix that prior to printing. Designs can be the same or different on the front and back of the paddle.

We only have 2 restrictions.

First is that the image must fit into an 18"x2.7" box. 

Second is that you must own the image or have the proper permission to print it. We CANNOT print NHL logos, TV characters, etc. for this reason. If using the logo of your hockey association please have a representative from your association/school email us granting you permission to use their logo. If you have a fairly specific idea we can help you draw it at no extra charge.

Can I purchase custom graphics in quantities below 6?

Unfortunately the costs are too high for us to produce quantities below 6 for this particular product.



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